“I wouldn't consider myself to be an individual who has much confidence but Kim makes me feel beautiful every time...


—  Sharna D.


Makes me feel beautiful


K Russell Photography amazes me every single time. I have had many shoots with her including seasonal shoots which have been phenomenal. Along with having seasonal shoots I have also had studio shoots which were also amazing. I wouldn't consider myself to be an individual who has much confidence but Kim makes me feel beautiful every time. There's no better photographer than her.


Capturing the real me


I have had a few shoots done by K Russell Photography, all of which captured what I love to do. The finished product was individual to me, who I am and what makes me most happy in life. I personally don't like having my photo taken, however Kim  made me feel comfortable to just be myself on every shoot. Thank you for capturing the real ME.

Candy Girl-24.jpg

We all have stories to tell...


I've found working with K Russell Photography an absolute joy. her approach to photography is not simply about taking great photos but capturing stories.

I've worked with K Russell Photography on two very different projects, one indoor cake tasting event and the other shoot took place in a field and urban environments in London. On both occasions they pushed me out of my comfort zone, and she captured really authentic moments, with pictures that still maintain flawless quality years later.

I would highly recommend K Russell Photography, she's got a true passion for photography and that really comes through in the process and final product!


Creative ideas kept flowing


K Russell Photography are amazing! Kim made me feel so relaxed during the shoot whilst her creative ideas kept flowing. I would recommend K Russell Photography without hesitation.


Helped her show her best


“Kim's an amazing photographer and our daughter had a wonderful time during her photo session. She also learnt how to pose for pictures which helped her show her best during the shoot. Kim is very skilled at getting the best out of our very energetic daughter. All in all I would recommend K Russell Photography for your children's photoshoot.”​

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